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So, you are a producer and you have your next shoot on the list. And you have completed everything for the shoot. But the onl9 thing that is not decided is the place. That is where you are going to shoot it. And you are running out of time. And worrying about how to choose the perfect photography rental space in nyc for the next shoot.

But before jumping in to knowing the process as a producer you should know what kind of photographs or video you are going to shoot. Because it is the most basic. But the most important question.

So, don’t worry this blog contains everything that will help you find the perfect one for your next shoot. 

How to choose the perfect photography rental space:

1) What is your Subject:

Like I just discussed that the simplest but the most important question is that what are your plans for the shoot? Maybe you want to take the pictures of the fashion models, or take the images of animals. Because the rental space is available in all sizes and according to the requirement. 

Knowing everything about the shoot will help you make decisions. Or to think of the available options. 

You might want to shoot something of a product like a product picture or video. Then this will require a different environment then shooting the portrait pictures. 

And if your rental space is according to the clothing brand. But if you want to shoot a business then you are in the wrong place. And you will waste your time and money there.

Because if both of the shoots require different rental space. Like if the rental space is according to the clothing brand. Then the crew and the required for the shoot are way less than the crew needed for the shooting for the models. 

2) Analyze the Location:

Another significant thing to look at before choosing the space is the location. Every big city has a lot of photography rental space in nyc. And the location of the rental space will gain or lose due to the location. And more importantly what you want you shoot. 

You should know the location requirements very clearly, like what is your budget. So, you will see the available options at that price. And then you have to choose accordingly. Another thing is to think about the lightning, and factors like lightning will come into the calculation.

The amenities and the services that you will get in different locations. So, if you want a specific kind of requirement related to the rental space. Then searching according to it will give you the more specific options.

3) The Requirement of infrastructure and Size:

As a producer you should know the perfect size you need for the rental space. And if you know the exact requirement then don’t settle for less. Because it will give you more trouble. Like if you are shooting for a small thing and you bought a rental space with a wide space. Then it will obviously cost you more. Because the bigger the space will be the more rent you have to pay. 

On the other hand, if you are shooting for a clothing brand. Where the model has to change many clothes. And there are a lot of models. So, you might need a room that has the space to put the clothes. And you will need bigger ones for this purpose. Because firstly, the staff will be much more than the previous one. And you have to maintain the whole staff and you will also need the eating and washrooms for them.

 So, this is what I meant for size and infrastructure.  

4)Price of the Rental Space:

Everyone wants to get the perfect services. But it is not possible. And that is why you should compare the prices of different rental spaces for best consideration. The price of the space will be according to the size, purpose and for how much time you will use their space. So, it is important to note down the time you will take while shooting. So, you can easily get an idea about the pricing.  

Some rental spaces have more features and they will offer more equipment for better quality shoot. While on the other ones you need to take your equipment with you. And this wastes a lot of time in shifting and resifting. So, if you ask me then the perfect choice will be the rental space that is expensive. Yeah! it might be a little expensive. But you will save a lot of time. And also, you can use the equipment of others. So, no need to take care of the equipment like a new born baby. 

But taking the expensive one that you don’t negotiate in the prices. Go, and talk to the manager and ask him to give you discounts. So, the next time you have to do other shoots. So, you will consider their rental space. 


Before finalizing the rental space make sure that you know what facilities they will give you. And if they are giving you less facilities then without a second thought you should change the place. Because you want the shoot to be as convenient as you can. It is the thing that mostly rental spaces lack in. So, that is why we talk about the facilities in detail. And ask them to give you every detail. 


Finding a perfect space will take a lot of your time and money. And that is why I shared the information about photography rental space in nyc. And by following these steps. You can easily find the best space for your next shoot.