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If you are looking for the best web AR examples, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 4 web AR examples you need to see. From interactive 3D models and product visualizations to create augmented reality experiences, these web AR examples demonstrate the potential of this emerging technology. So, without furFprofther ado, let’s take a closer look at these fantastic web AR examples.

1) Ikea Place

One of the most impressive Web AR examples out there is Ikea Place. This app lets you preview furniture in your home before buying it. All you need to do is point your phone at any space, and Ikea Place will display 3D renderings of authentic Ikea products. This makes it much easier to visualize what furniture will look like in your living room or bedroom. You can also adjust the product size, rotate it to see how it would fit in different places, and even save screenshots of the product placed in your room. With Ikea Place, you don’t need to worry about buying the wrong size or style – you can preview it before making a purchase.

2) Google Search

Google Search is a powerful tool when it comes to finding the latest and greatest in web AR experiences. This section will look at some of the best nft examples of web AR available today. From augmented reality games to informative displays, these five examples show off the powerof Google Search and web ar examples. 

  1. Monsters & Monocles – This augmented reality game lets you explore dungeons in your home with a first-person shooter view. Monsters & Monocles uses the most cutting-edge web AR technology and can be played on any device. You can explore randomly generated dungeons and collect loot like any other video game.
  2. Amazon Augmented Reality – Amazon’s AR tool allows shoppers to try on items virtually before buying. This feature uses advanced computer vision technology to display 3D versions of clothing on the user’s device. Customers can then see the item’s looks in real time from different angles and perspectives.
  3. Google Art Selfie – If you’ve ever wanted to become a work of art, now you can! Google Art Selfie allows you to use augmented reality to turn your selfies into works of art in the style of some of the world’s greatest painters. The app uses machine learning to analyze facial features and apply brush strokes to create excellent results.
  4. FoodAR – This fun AR app provides an entertaining way to learn about food. FoodAR uses augmented reality to let users explore different food items and learn more about them. This app offers an interactive way to explore food, from nutrition facts to recipes.

3) Augmented Art

Augmented art has become increasingly popular in the world of web ar example. Using this technology, artists can create an immersive and interactive experience for viewers by blending digital art with the physical world. From 3D objects to interactive installations, here are the top 4 web AR examples you need to see:

  1. Google’s Aikonik Web AR Experience: Google recently released an interactive web AR experience featuring their AI-powered virtual assistant, Aikonik. You can interact with Aikonik and explore different augmented reality worlds by pointing your camera at a compatible marker.
  2. Refik Anadol’s Augmented Reality Installation: Refik Anadol is an artist who creates large-scale augmented reality installations using projection mapping and AI algorithms. He has made several awe-inspiring pieces that have been featured at festivals and galleries worldwide.
  3. Markerless AR Apps: Many apps now allow you to use your smartphone’s camera to view 3D objects in the real world without having to use markers or any other type of tracking technology. Some popular apps include Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.

4) MeasureKit

If you’re looking for an impressive and easy-to-use web AR example, then MeasureKit is a perfect choice. MeasureKit is a mobile app that lets users measure anything in their environment using Augmented Reality (AR). It works on iOS and Android devices and has various features that make it stand out from the competition.

Using MeasureKit, users can quickly and accurately measure distances, heights, sizes, and angles using their device’s camera. They can also view real-time 3D models of objects and use markers to measure points in space. The app also offers a range of additional features, such as drawing shapes, setting units, and more. 

Overall, MeasureKit is an excellent example of how powerful web AR can be and is a great way to show off the capabilities of the technology. It’s a perfect example for developers looking to create their AR experiences. With MeasureKit, you can get a glimpse of what is possible with AR and start exploring the technology’s potential.